The black color is because of anthocyanin, which the blueberries have too, & other purple fruits & veggies too. Yes, it’s not dyed, it’s their natural color.

What’s the expert saying….?

Did you know that just a spoonful of black rice contains more antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries? That too with much more fibre & far less sugar. Also contains vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant , along with iron.

This is a big statement , if a berries are to boost to health ..why not black rice? It’s become boon even more when such superfood is produce locally. Black rice , a real treat!

History of Black rice:

In ancient China, it is also referred to as the Emperor’s rice because it is the rice variety that Emperor’s eat. It is believed it will help prolong the Emperor’s life. At that time black rice is very rare so they reserve it only for the Emperor. That’s where the forbidden rice name originated. They made it exclusive for the emperor’s. No one is allowed to eat it without permission.

The origin of black rice is not clear yet, which it is seen centuries ago all our Asia. It’s has now gain popularity & on restaurants as a healthy option.

It is always said that eat the food that produced locally. And the bottom line is why to wait for our super foods to travel across countries when now our local farmers harvest it our own farms. Go to and shower your love to one such group of farmers who farming such modern foods with traditional techniques.

They mean what they said.. ”We grow your in our farm !!”

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